Tuesday, January 1, 2008


A funny mispositioning of the camera results in hilarious footage

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Dedicated to Pentax Optio W30

The first camera I owned. The BEST camera I owned!

The camera I use to make this show is Pentax Optio W30. This is one of the best waterproof digital cameras in the stores apart from Olympus Stylus SW 770. The other option you have is to buy a water-resistant camera case for almost the same price and then take that clumsy thing around!


  • WHAT MADE ME BUY: 30 frames per second video (unlike Olympus 770 with only 15 fps)
  • (Of course) Waterproof!
  • Extremely compact, easy to handle
  • A LOT of features that are easily accessible.


  • Only goes down 3 meters under water. Olympus goes down 10 meters.
  • Pictures are slightly grainy. Olympus is smoother and better.
  • Extremely slow with focusing, especially in the dark.
  • Video does not refocus while filming, it will focus on whatever is in the first frame and then start filming and never refocus again. That's why movies done entirely UNDER the water will often be out of focus, because it focuses on god-knows-what-can-see.